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Looking at Bart Hartman from the Pace Truck at West Virginia Motor Speedway

Gary Stuhler during hot laps before the World 100

Shane Yoder won the ALMS race the Suday before the World 100 at Eldora

Here is Billy Moyer hot lapping before he knew that he would go on to win the 1998 World 100

Here is Ronnie Johnson pulling out of the pit at Florence Speedway

Davey Johnson in the #48 car at the North/South 100

Bob Peirce rides around the bottom to Brownstown Speedway

Half way thought the year Donnie Moran changed the colors in his car

Tim Hitt hard on the gas at West Virginia Motor Speedway

Rodney Franklin is a real thret at Hagerstown

Here is Donnie Moran and his family after winning the North/South 100 at Florence Speedway

Here was the winning pass as Dan Schlieper would go to win the Ironman 100 at Florence Speedway


Eddie Carrier always has one of the best looking cars!

Darrell Lanigan after wining the UMP Summer Nationals race at Bardrstown,KY

Rick Eckert finished 3rd in STARS points

Busch and IRL star Tony Stewart enjoys climbing into a Dirt Late Model

Close your eyes because Barry Bragdon is throwing some dirt

One of the most popular drivers Rick Aukland is aways a thret to win anywhere

Tony Izzo Jr. after wining the first Northern All-Stars event at Brownstown Speedway

Here is the Hav-A-Tampa champion Scott Bloomquist

Here's looking at therear of a heat race at Portsmouth Raceway Park

Vic Hill won the championship at Bulls Gap,Tn.

Here is the STARS champ hard on the gas a Portsmouth Raceway Park

"Black" Jack Boggs had a bad year but will aways be a legend

Tim Hitt leads three cars in a heat race at Portsmouth Raceway Park

Clint Smith climbs the high banks at Tazwell Speedway

Freddie Smith had a good year collecting a couple huge races

Here is Terry Phillips hard on the gas at Paducah International Raceway